Handling Matters of Catastrophic Injury

The shock of a serious injury can bring a life and a family to a halt. Whether in a car wreck, a fall or other accident, understanding a new normal is devastating for the patient and family alike.

Severe personal injury can be disabling and end the ability to earn a livelihood. A catastrophic injury is one that changes the course of life, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI). While you may get right up after a fall, or walk away from a car accident, neurological damage may only become apparent in weeks to come.

When a medical condition is stable, good legal help may be required to pursue compensation for care needed over a period of recovery or a lifetime. As experienced New York injury lawyers, we analyze the cause and effect of an accident and what you might realistically recover for injury caused by the negligence of others.

In the case of a brain, spinal or other serious injury, legal counsel works to secure appropriate compensation through settlement or litigation to address the following financial needs:

  • Lost present and future wages and salary
  • Present and future medical expenses, including potential emergency procedures, rehabilitation and counseling services
  • Medical supplies, remodeling, specialized equipment and vehicles
  • Personal care and assistance in the case of incapacitation

Dealing with a life-altering injury requires superb medical, psychological and legal service. If you or a loved one suffers catastrophic injury, seek experienced legal advice.

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