Going Up: Traffic Fatalities

In May, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) published early projections of motor vehicle fatality rates for 2012. For the first time since 2005, fatality figures went up and, while reasons are not entirely clear, there are some good guesses. According to NHTSA, a fatality is included in their data if a collision occurred […]

Disability Claims and Social Media: Not a Good Mix

In a recently decided Fifth Circuit case, email evidence from a former lover turned the tables on an attorney who claimed disability while at the same time enjoying a full and vigorous lifestyle. In Truitt v Unum Life Insurance Company of America, Ms. Truitt is described as an attorney who practiced international oil and gas […]

There’s An App For That — Defective Products and Recalls

Anything you might want to know about recalled products is now available online with each of the federal agencies having its own website. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has jurisdiction over some 15,000 categories of products such as appliances, clothing, electronics, furniture, household and children’s items, lighting, outdoor and sports equipment. In addition to […]

A Writ Improvidently Granted

When a matter rises to the level of the Supreme Court of the United States, the case accepted for argument has the potential to set a precedent. In a recent matter, a 61-year-old former attorney for the state of Illinois, Harvey N. Levin, alleged he was terminated in favor of a younger female attorney. While […]

Do You Know Who is Working for You?

The business of doing business is complicated. Whether you have corporate, regulatory, immigration or other issues, our firm advises clients on exposure and compliance matters and works to find smart solutions. Good corporate governance means solutions are put in place before a problem occurs. For employers, knowing who is working for you goes a long […]

Careless Driving Resulting in Death

We recently posed the question of whether revised hours of service (HOS) regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) would reduce the number of people killed by big rig trucks in the United States. If one tragic accident can be representative, the answer is no. Joe Bell was the father of Jadin […]

To Act Without Liability for Misjudgment and Carelessness in the Formulation of Policy…

In October, the trial of five former employers of imprisoned former financier Bernard Madoff began. Expected to last months, the trial should bring to light more of the murky details of the largest financial fraud in United States history. Recently, a New York appeals panel dismissed the case of a group of investors who sought […]

News You Can Use: Safest Car in America Burns — Safely

With a sticker price of more than $70,000, Tesla cars are pricey. If the advertising is to be believed, they are billed as the safest car in America. A Tesla driver got the chance to find out after driving over road debris in Washington State. In early October, Tesla Model S owner Robert Carlson was […]